Murphy Beds with Shelf will be restocked ETA 12/15/2023

If you are able to wait until then we suggest preordering. We tend to sell out of these beds quickly. Thank you and have a nice day!

  • Our Beds Have Everything You Need

    Each bed comes with all the necessary components to make it safe and convenient. Designed in the USA and produced in Brazil the quality and style is top tier.

  • Double Pistons to Easily Raise and Lower

    Double Pistons are included with each bed and are rated to lift 1000 lbs. This widens your options on the types of mattresses you can choose to enjoy with your murphy bed.

  • Mattress Strap for Easy Storage

    When you are done using your bed just use the strap to hold down your mattress, comforter, pillows and sheets. This will save you time because your bed is always ready for use while stored.

  • Lock and Wall Mounting Hardware

    Your bed includes wall mounting and locking hardware. Both key to ensuring your bed is safe to use and safe to store.

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